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Thursday, November 11, 2021

New Homesite for Awhile


This is the camp area at the VFW just north of Yuma only six miles away from the animal hospital.  We’ve stayed here a few times in the past.  Its fine for a night.  Behind is the local airport with private planes taking off in the middle of the night (why?) disturbing your sleep.  There are train tracks across the highway that disturb Beans.  So we left the next morning.

We had to drive through Quartzsite where we usually stay each winter in order to go to Yuma.  I noticed that there was hardly anyone there.  So on the way back I thought we would stay there until more snowbirds arrived and then return to Ehrenberg where we were before.  They have opened the border this year allowing the Canadians to come down to Florida and Arizona again like they usually do each year.  I’m happy for them.  I felt that was unfair to shut the border to them last year. 

Beans got herself a lizard the first day here.  Nothing wrong with her.

Each evening we have a visitor, a cute little desert fox.  This is the best my phone can do in the dark.  Beans will sit at the door and watch him through the screen.

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Vicki said...

I've lived in 4 different houses since 1986 and everyone of them were next to a railroad. I'm so used to hearing trains at all hours, I'd miss them if I didn't hear them.

Beans sure loves litte critters :)

Cute desert fox!