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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Our Neighbors


There are none.

I am really surprised.  I didn’t think we’d last this long at Roadrunner after stopping here on our way back from Yuma.  We’ve stayed here every year for at least a couple weeks during each winter.  There are always a lot more campers.  So I figured we would have left by now, returning to Erhrenberg where we were before the vet visit.  Maybe it is the cost of fuel keeping people away.  I know the Canadians are free to come down this year but I don’t think I have seen one Canada plate yet.  Not to say I’ve been out and about all that much.  I’m not complaining.  We’re enjoying our peace and quiet. 

After meeting the two ladies at Dollar General I went looking for this hot dog vendor I went to last year. She wasn’t there.  Maybe she is in a new location.  But I did see my friend Michelle who I met here two years ago.  She’s an artist and this year she thought she’d try setting up a booth to sell her work.  She’s had a couple sales but said there just isn’t that many people here yet.  She’s noticed it too.  She hasn’t recouped her cost for renting the vendor space yet but she said at least she’s been having fun.  She is thinking about following the vendor circuit next year, but she cannot find much information online about it.  I suggest she talk to the other vendors in town.  I have over the years and they told me that is what they do, hitting up fairs and the like.  Anyway, it should all pick up next month and especially in January when the big RV show rolls into town.  We will be rolling out of town for sure.

So talking with those three women was probably the most talking I have done in weeks.  I enjoyed visiting but was worn out by the time we returned to Roadrunner.  Beans was too.  Geez, Dad.  You talk a lot.

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Vicki said...

Nice rock art! I wouldn't like being out there all alone. My husband was a talker, oh boy was he!