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Monday, November 15, 2021



Each year I revisit this spot where there are some petroglyphs etched into the rock face.

And each year I fear I’ll find some jackass has defaced the images or added his own.
So far, not yet.

Can you see any before scrolling down for the closeups?

As you view these you will notice that there isn’t anything for the person to stand on while creating these images.  How did they do it?

What do you think the images represent?

To me this looks like a river and I like to think there was a year round flow of water passing by and perhaps the artist was sitting in boat or on a raft.
The one on the right is from recent times.  His name was Meat Head.

Do you think a Native American made this one or one of Meathead’s relatives?


Vicki said...

Nice photos! There are some Petroglyphs near where I once lived:

Sandstone petroglyphs at Leo Petroglyph State Memorial park, attributed to the Fort Ancient Indians, 900 AD-1500 AD. The Leo Petroglyph is an Ohio History Connection site located northwest of Leo, Jackson County, Ohio. The photograph was taken ca. 1940-1949.

Barbara Rogers said...

Those are interesting, and to have endured out in the wind and rain all those years is incredible! We have some that are very confused, all kind of mixed together symbols, near Cullowee, NC, called Judaculla Rock. When I visited it I thought maybe it used to be a conversation between several artists...it's all a jumble!

Sandi said...

"...each year I fear I’ll find some jackass has defaced the images or added his own."

That's terrible!