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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Survey Marker


On a hike out across the desert I came across another survey marker out here all by itself.  There are no roads or trails anywhere nearby.  No ATV tire marks, no foot prints.  Maybe the last person that was here was the one who pounded this into the ground over a hundred years ago.

This one was dated 1915.  It may be the oldest I have ever come across.
Now I wish I had kept track of them over the years so I would know.
1915.  Makes me wonder what kind of automobile were they in or even if they had one.
Maybe a mule drawn wagon or simply horseback?  Who knows?

Here is another direction marker.  There are none of these rock art pieces where we are now.  
This is from the Ehrenberg area where we were before.  I only have a few left to show.


Vicki said...

1915? How cool! Like the rock art, it reminds me of an altered peace sign. The 70's were the best years ever!

John W. Wall said...

Looks like $250 in 1915 would be almost $7,000 today. I guess they don't go back and adjust those markers for inflation.