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Friday, November 19, 2021

The Lunar Eclipse Incident


The evening’s sunset of the upcoming lunar eclipse.

I woke up just before midnight wondering if the eclipse had begun yet.  I stepped outside.  Nope.  Full moon.  I crawled back into my sleeping bag and checked to see if I could view the moon from the window without getting out from bed.  I looked out the window next to my head and this was staring at me.  “Good Lord!  Is he inside or outside?”  He was inside of course.  The beast was two and a half inches across!  Huge!  I caught him in a plastic cup and tossed him out the door.  He immediately begins making his way back towards under the RV so he can climb up inside once again.  Figures.
(that is the flash, not the moon)

Back in bed I begin thinking.  How did he get inside?  More so, how did he get over there onto the window next to my head?  Are they any of his friends in here also?

I was up again a three a.m. (not sure if I ever went back to sleep) and stepped outside.
The show was on and the moon was a small sliver.
Back in bed I checked the window, no spiders, and finally went to sleep.

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Vicki said...

Made me laugh, again, the story along with that photo is hilarious! I am not a fan of spiders, bugs or anything resembling them. I missed the eclipse.