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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Vet Visit - part three

 Something went wrong with this post and this morning I saw it was gone.  Sorry.

The assistant soon returned with the doctor.  That is Lynette the assistant on the left and Kellie the doctor on the right.  She greeted Beans.  Now keep in mind no one has ever handled Beans except myself so I was very proud of her allowing the two women to handle her as they did.  Not even a growl or hiss.  

Kellie listened to various parts of Beans’ body with the stethoscope.  That woman spent ten times more time listening to Beans than that guy did in Blythe.  Both women were so kind and gentle with Beans. When she was done listening I complemented them both on those points.

The doctor said that Beans sounded good and appeared to be in good health.  She said she would like to run some tests, do blood work and get a full body X-ray just to rule out any possibilities.  I thought that was a good idea.  I told them how the guy in Blythe never suggested any of that.  “He’s the professional.  Who am I to tell him how to do his job?” 

She said that they would work up a sheet with all the procedures and Lynette would come back and go over everything explaining what each was and the costs.  I said the cost is of no concern when it comes to the care and well being of the most important individual in my life.

Soon she returned, went over it all with me and I signed on the bottom line.  “I’ll be right back to get Beans.”  She soon returned with a large green bath towel.  “This has some knock-out drops sprayed onto it.  That helps calm them down.  We’ll wrap her up like a little burrito and she’ll be fine.”  I placed Beans on the towel and she wrapped her up with her head tucked inside.  Lynette said it would be about twenty to thirty minutes.

“Can I just go back out in the RV and you can call me when you’re done?”

“Sure, that will be fine.  Can I get you anything?”

“Do you have some water?”  I guess it showed in my face as she took my little green Beans burrito away.

“Sure, I’ll be right back.”  She returned with a chilled bottle of water and I thanked her.  I stepped outside and it was now full on dark out.  I had the bottle emptied before I reached the motor home.


Barbara Rogers said...

So glad to know what the next steps were...it does sound like a thorough exam to give total care to your little furby.

Vicki said...

Don't you just love how some vets really care about your animals and some act like you're bothering them? Same with some doctors. GRRRR!

Praying the tests came back ok and that Beans is ok!