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Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas For Beans

Her Christmas gift arrived in time and we went into town to pick it up.

 When I featured the package drop-off store a few posts back I didn’t include a photo of inside.
You can see against the left wall bins for mail and small packages.
The lady is searching through the shelving where they keep larger packages.
Also see packages stacked in the lower left and there are more behind me.
Each item is $3 for them, $5 if over 40 pounds.  
Lots of stationary supplies and the like to the right.

Here she is with all her Christmas packages - FOOD.

Of course she liked the box.

Beans’ food bin, a drawer beneath one of the seats at the table.
That is four layers deep of cat food tins and that is not all of it.
She’s set for a few months now.
Pet food of any worth is difficult to find on store shelves anymore
so this is why I stocked up.


Barbara Rogers said...

That must have been a heavy package! Happy Christmas to you both!

Vicki said...

Beans is so cute!
My cats only like dry food, and my dog only likes wet!
My cats love anything they can crawl inside. The oldest one loves to chew on package tape!!!
Merry Christmas to you and Beans!