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Monday, December 20, 2021

Cold Nights


Thirty-two (0c) degrees one morning and she had no intention on getting up until I turn on the heater and warm this place up.

I bought this carpet remnant from a vendor in town ($3) to lay on the bare floor over the battery compartment at the entry.  This will help keep the chill away.  Beans thinks I bought it for her.  She likes to stretch and dig her claws into it.  I let her.  She can’t do much harm to it.

Most every night someone leaves a “gift” for me on the green welcome mat.  A little deposit - poop.
I think it is the little grey fox.  I’ll start putting the mat up from now on before going to bed.

Ansel Adams I’m not.


Barbara R. said...

Yay, Beans has new rug! And the friend outdoors won't have a mat upon which to poop! Love your Ansel Adams shot! Poor old tree.

Karen said...

Pretty nice shot, tho :)

Vicki said...

My cats have to check anything new I bring into the house. Takes them a day or two and then they decide whether they like it or not. Wonder where your friend will poop now? I think the tree shot is Adams worthy!