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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Thieving Rat!


This is Beans’ five pound lead weight I sometimes hook her up to.  Yes, she is able to drag it around.  I went to hook her up to it the other day and the end had been chewed off.  The little bugger took it and the clasp off down into its burrow I guess.  I couldn’t find it.

I rode into town on my freshly graded road to vendor’s row and picked up another clasp.  One dollar.  
I’ll not leave it lying out on the ground anymore at least while we are here.
All these years and no one has ever bothered the cord before.

Usually I just hook her up to the gate hasp by the side door.
She can go to the front or rear or just hang out under neath.

There are some bushes in front of us which she likes to stake out waiting for the resident lizard to come out.  I thought it would be nice to have a large hook on the tow point up front.  Then I could hook her to it so she could reach her stake out site.  I found one large enough at the same vendor.  Tried it out.  Well she walks around the front wheels and gets hung up.  I think this might be a few dollars wasted.

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