A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Thursday, December 16, 2021


Tuesday evening and night some horrific winds blew through here along with rain.

I was in bed reading while the RV shook back and forth.

Nothing like a good roll in the dirt.

I would lay there thinking about those out here in a tent, and there are quite a few.

Now to go back home and give a good shake.

Then Wednesday night it got down to 29 (-1.7c) degrees.  Thought even more about the tent people.



Barbara R. said...

And I imagine every inch of her receives a good licking as well!

Peter Clothier said...

I'm enjoying being vicariously "on the loose." Myself, I'm feeling tied down...

Vicki said...

We often have crazy weather where I live so I'm used to it, but sometimes it gets so bad, especially during a hurricane that I worry a bit. Glad I live in a block house.

Beans sure loves being out in the sun and dirt! My two cats are inside cats, the don't like going outside.