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Monday, January 17, 2022

Another Move

This guy moved in nearby three days ago.  No generator so that was good.  But occasionally I could hear his radio music.  Yesterday I had had enough.  His loud talking on the phone made my mind up. 


So we moved back over near where we were before.

Like what else do I have to do?

I walked back to get Gracie.  You can see our new spot in the distance.
I think this will be far enough away from the Top 40 Hit Parade.

You can see here how we’ve been bouncing around the same area.
Other spots this winter are off to the right.

In other news it appears we are to have 70 (21.1c) degrees 
and above weather until the end of the month.
No complaints there.


Barbara Rogers said...

Enjoy! New spot for home. Warm weather! Life is good. Here I've been snowbound for one day, well probably 2. Starting on 3. Wish that there were a way to drive around to see the pretty mountains. That's my goal before it gets 43 this afternoon.

Vicki said...

It's sad that with all that wide open space people keep getting too close for comfort. I would move too, I'd be out there for peace and quiet, not to listen to generators and someone else's music!

Debby said...

70 degrees??? You are killing me. -9 here by the end of the week.

CS said...

Are you in an LTVA (BLM Long Term Visitors Area) or do you have to move every 14 days (free BLM)? Have you explained those different types of BLM camping areas in your blog or books?

I really like all the nice photos in the right sidebar.

CS said...

Another question: Have you tried any of the other LTVAs like Imperial Dam?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I am done with the LTVAs. No sense paying money for services I do not use. I have explained the different camping programs in both the blog and eBooks. Lastly, it seems many stay longer than the 14 days and are never bothered. Its worked well this season.