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Thursday, January 6, 2022

Comment on an Eight Year Old Post


I recently received a comment on a blog post made back in January 2013.
  This was during a cross country trip Sinbad and I were doing.

The commenter wrote:
My 2nd great-grandparents met at the Trading Post in Bordeaux, NE in 1865/66, so thank you very much for the pictures and story of Chadron and Bordeaux, NE.  She my 2nd great grandmother actually left Iowa to teach at the trading post and my 2nd great grandfather was a cattle driver.  Again, thank you.

Wow!  That was really nice to read.  Pretty cool.

You can see the post by clicking on the link below



Barbara Rogers said...

I agree 100%...and lost the comment I started a minute ago. That's what I get for getting up before sunrise.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Nice to get a good reply like that, on one of my old posts I get people advertising which went in the bin so I stopped the comment son the post

Vicki said...

What a great photo, and interesting story!