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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Depressed and Desperate

 Well they are all here.  This happens every year at this time because of the Big Tent and RV Show in Quartzsite for a two week run.  These folks are in our camp area Road Runner.  I was unaware they all had arrived since we’re at the west end out of sight from it all.

Long ago before I retired I would see these big RV’s on my infrequent vacations.  Boy, that is the life for me.  Travel around with all the comforts of home, stay in RV parks, hang out with other RVers.  I cannot retire soon enough.

Notice all the chairs set up around the evening campfire circle.  Also too the tent and tables set up for potlucks and what have you.

At least that was my dream.  
I was very depressed at the time with my job. That was my desperation to be retired and free showing.  

I wished I could have got on higher ground for a photo of all the satellite dishes aimed skyward in the same direction.  I could see it from a distance as I approached but the camera could not.

When the time neared for retirement fortunately I was with limited means and could not afford an RV of that magnitude.  I know now it would have been a big mistake.  But desperation ruled over common sense at the time.  

Early on in my travels Sinbad and I did stay in RV parks quite frequently.  I just needed time to learn what fit best for me.  I don’t fault these folks any.  They are happy and enjoy their lifestyle.  
Good on them.  

They are largely different groups owning the same brand of RV and have these annual get-togethers.  I attended one soon after buying the Winnebago View.  It was okay and I learned a lot but I never attended another View/Navion annual get-together.  There is a group who camps together here in Quartzsite during show time.  I’ve ridden the Honda over there in years past, just to look around.  Never stayed or camped with them.  Mine is the first generation of which only the first two or three years of production fits.  All those since are very fancy with a lot of bells and whistles.  It is for us first generation View and Navion owners we are like simple folk from the other side of the tracks.

I had a bit of a time finding my way back home after touring the big camps.  I lost my navigation points among the crowd of motor homes.  As you can see, at our end of Road Runner nothing like that is going on.  Mr. Radioman is still here in the distance behind that tree.  I can occasionally hear him at times.  With all the ruckus going on at the big RV camps I’ll not complain.  We could have had a big encampment move in near us.


Sandi said...

It seems everyone wants to get Away.

Barbara R. said...

What a hoot, the expense of running one, let alone owning one of those monstrosities! And a whole village of them! OK, I'm biased also for the simple life. Glad they are having their gathering elsewhere from you!

Karen said...

I have friends in that gang somewhere. Won't be long and they'll be heading north again. That is their permanent home.

Vicki said...

My husband and I almost bought one of those monsters but since we loved the water so much and went out on our boat every chance we got, w decided to get a houseboat. I don't think I'd want one of those big monsters. To me that's not camping, it's glamping.