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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Happy Laundry


I went into town yesterday for some grocery shopping.  Not a good time to be doing so since the RV circus is in town.  First stop, Family Dollar.  Not bad.  Not many people inside.  I filled seven water bottles at the water machine outside.  Then I walked across the street (almost getting mowed down by one of those monstrosity RV’s who blew through the red light) to drop off a book at the Animal Shelter Thrift Shop.  Attached to the shop is a small laundry I have used in the past.  The big main laundry facility in town the parking lot was packed.  No surprise there.  I keep this place a secret.

I walked in and one guy was there.  Drat!  I was planning to do laundry on another day before we hit the road again.  But this opportunity was too good to pass up.  I forced myself to drive over, gather up all my dirty duds and get ‘er done.  I know I would feel better having done so and got it over with.

This tall 50 or 60 year old guy was in there.  Hard to guess his age.  Very weather worn looking.  And for good reason too.  He lives on the road walking everywhere he goes.  He has been living this way for 18 years.  Said he has been in all the 48 states.  He gave the house to his wife and said good-bye.  I would have talked with him more but he was a loud talker and it was bothersome to my ears.  The dog is not his but that’s him petting it.  The dog belonged to this long-haired crippled up wacko (in his 30’s) from Colorado.  He was overly too friendly and outgoing wanting to talk to anyone who listened about current events: “I heard there is a war going on in Ethiopia; anyone know anything about it?”; global warming: “You know how hot it is going to be here this summer? One more hot summer and Mother Earth will never recover”; the planet dying in the near future: “for it is written in Revelations” and on and on.  I ignored the guy.  So did Highway Walker.  He went outside to roll up a smoke.  Another couple in there was nicer and responded to him somewhat.  “There’s been a war in Ethiopia forever; it is hot here every summer - normal business .” They gave up when he started in on Scripture. Any other time I may have hopped on his spaceship just to see what planet we would end up on but I wasn’t in the mood that day.

And so you know how common it is to lose a sock when doing laundry?
I came home with a mystery sock.  Not mine.

And just what am I supposed to do with this Dad?


Barbara Rogers said...

Ah, the times sure are a-changing...socks are coming back (to wrong owners)! Poor Beans with her gift from unknown places (the sock repository)...at least it's clean!

Vicki said...

Sounds like such a fun day! I love getting sucked into loud strange strangers conversations! At least the dog was cute, your clothes are clean, and Beans has a new toy!

Debby said...

I was hoping the sock you found matched one in my single sock box. Alas..