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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Mourning Routine


When I crawl out from bed the first thing I do is fire up Mr. Heater.  No surprise there.

Then I turn on the burner and get the kettle going.  When the water is good and hot I slide over the pot on the right to warm that water up for a wash.  I’ll put in a can of Beans food in that pot also to warm it up to a fresh-kill body temperature for her to enjoy.

While my coffee is brewing (one cup is all I make)

I’ll wash up over the sink allowing the water to clean off Beans’ food plate.
Yes, that plate has been broken a few times.  You’d be astonished to know how many cats have eaten from that plate.  Dozens is my best guess.

When she gets up then I will make up the bed.

Then I will set the toaster on the stove and prepare a half of bagel with cream cheese to enjoy along with my coffee.  I’ll plug in the phone to recharge (the cold drains the battery fast) and turn on the iPad to see what is going on trying to avoid any news items in the process.

Right about at this point Beans is tapping me on the arm wanting her food.
So I have to stop everything, take care of that then go back to my now cold bagel and lukewarm coffee.


Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing how you start each day! As soon as I get out of bed the cats are under my feet, the youngest one weaving in and out between my feet. I have to feed them and my dog first thing because I don't like tripping.

Barbara Rogers said...

Warning: Tedious details follow about coffee making!
I don't have the pet to feed, but this morning my coffee maker decided to stop dripping at about halfway through the cycle. I took a cup of this double espresso and enjoyed it for my first cup. And turned off them coffee maker which left the little cone about halfway full of coffee, and hoped it would continue dripping into the pot. It did. Later I washed the screen, after throwing out the paper cone and the grounds, and when washing the cone holder, I noticed the spring inside the dripping mechanism was a little off center...and I pushed it back. I hope that's all that caused this problem. I'd hate to try to find a new coffee maker, and might go back to one cup at a time drip through a filter in a cone. I got this delux pot at a garage sale years ago, and I get 2 days of coffee out of each pot-full. Like all of us, I'm used to it, and don't want to change if I can help it! Thanks for reminding me of all this trivia!

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

That’s what I like about my coffee maker - no moving parts. Two halves. The bottom had a gold mesh filter. The top has a bunch of holes in the bottom. Water goes in top half, runs down onto the coffee in bottom half and drips in the cup. No sludge in bottom of cup either. Easy to clean.

Anonymous said...

The last line made me laugh. So true.