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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Rules Are For Thee, Not Me

I went to Family Dollar yesterday to get some kitty litter.  A not too bad of a line to stand in, around a half a dozen or so.  While waiting my turn I looked around.  Right there behind me is this mask-wearing, multi-vaccinated woman standing right up my butt ignoring the social distancing markers on the linoleum floor beneath her feet.  Thankfully I had my backpack on or she would have been even closer.

I could have given her a snarky remark, coughed in her face or something but being a non-confrontational person I did nothing.  Actually I didn’t realize she was giving me the full court press until I was at the checkout so it was just a matter of paying for my cat sand and getting out of there.  Had I been aware earlier I most likely would have switched on my sarcasm button.


Debby said...

While grocery shopping, a man passed by, coughing like crazy. He did not cover his mouth at all. It amazes me that people can be so heedless in this time. It doesn't cost a penny to be respectful of others.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yep, there are those who learned the things to stay safe, and the rest of the population which is stuck thinking of what she said last night, or how many other errands she has to accomplish before such and such. Or maybe they can exist with empty heads, which seems to be the case often. Who me?

Vicki said...

People here are the same way. I've seen many not wearing a mask, some wearing it over their mouth but not over their nose, standing way too close for comfort, etc. It's just a mask, and it could make a case of Covid a lot less brutal! It's just a safe distance, may take you 3 seconds to walk from the spot you should have been standing at!

CS said...

Love that sign. :-) Shared it with a couple of friends.