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Sunday, January 16, 2022

School Bus Home


School bus conversions are not all that unusual to see out here.  They come in all sizes.  This one appears to have once been a touring bus which is a bit different.  I personally would not one.  They most likely do not get great fuel mileage.  I’d imagine upkeep and maintenance could be slightly costly.  Parts too not all that available.  I don’t really know.  The other thing is the places we go and stay a large bus would prevent us from doing so.  Wide open places like the desert is not a problem.  Many RV parks do not allow them.  Well I wouldn’t want to stay in an RV park anyway.  Now if this was your permanent home as many are staying here for six months in the winter and moving up north to some property you might have in say Montana for the rest of the year then a bus makes a lot of sense. That is a whole array of solar panels above the roof.   

Inside you can create your own home just the way you would like unlike a standard RV motorhome which limits you to a certain extent.  Many are quite nice inside.  You are only limited as to your imagination to how you create your living space.
Here are a few examples I pulled off the internet for you.
Could you live in this?


Barbara Rogers said...

I haven't ever considered one. Too big for me, though it took a while before I could maneuver my old camper van, learning where it's perimeter was for parking and backing and turning corners. I loved being higher than a regular car in my seat for driving though! I was surprised that several of these photos show a wood burning stove. They must park somewhere that's cold. Silly people!

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I'd rather drive a conversion like that than one full of schoolchildren!