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Sunday, January 16, 2022

There is Always Something to Do


Sunday was a good day (well they all are usually).  I decided to clean house.  I take out all seven rugs, shake and sweep them.  Then I sweep the linoleum floor.  I swear I collected an entire cat-full of dirt.  Then I wipe the floor with moist sanitizer household wipes and put it all back together.

Nice to have a clean home.

Beans started out her day sunbathing in the morning sun.  She is real good about hanging around while I have the door open cleaning.  She’ll go in and out numerous times during cleaning.

I have three hiking sticks partially finished.  They’ve been that way for months.

I stopped on them because it is a real pain in getting the cap off of the bottle of tung oil for the finish.  You have to push down and turn and the “teeth” fail to grip the inner cap.  Stuck tight.  I have to take pliers to it.  Well I finally discovered what I have been doing wrong all these years with these bottles.  I put the cap back on with oil on the threads.  It dries hard and thus - stuck.  I cleaned and scraped it all clean, bottle and inside the cap and now will always put the cap back with a clean dry spout.
Now I may get back to those sticks.

That was a big win for me but this one was even bigger.  The headlamps on the truck were so clouded and dull I would always have the high beams on when using the lights.  Been that way for years.  Being as I never drive at night, no big deal.  Figured someday I would buy replacements.  Well last week I got into cleaning the front end of bugs and such. Dug out some restorer for the grill and bumper.  That really improved the looks. I wondered What would this stuff do to the headlamps?  I applied it and wiped clean with a cloth.  I could tell a difference.  I was amazed.  I did it again days later using a Scotch Brite pad and there was an even bigger improvement.  I could not believe it.  I have used those headlight restorer kits before with no luck.  So this was a huge win for me.
It would mean more to you had I took a before photo but I had no idea this would be the end result.

The dark grey bumper was a light sun-bleached color before I applied the ‘restorer’.



Barbara Rogers said...

I wondered how Ms. Bean's rolling in the dust and coming inside was adding weight of much sand to your floor...and maybe even your bedding. Glad to know your process - and it sounds quite effective. Happy to hear about the headlamp trick...as I have old and very yellowed headlamps on my Toyota. Yay! A friend said use toothpaste. That I have, but your nice woodfinisher I don't.

Vicki said...

Glad you got your lights cleaned! My cats shed so much it's ridiculous. I had to buy a hand held vacuum to battle all the hair they leave on stuff.

CS said...

I replaced the headlights on my RV this past summer because they were so badly hazed and it made the rig look old. I cover my windshield and my tires in the desert sun, but I never thought to cover the headlights! Nobody makes covers for those. So I cut some pieces of Reflectix and tucked them into place over the headlights, secured with white gaffer tape. (I wish I could upload a photo.) I won't be replacing those expensive beams again! I don't drive at night, but I will take the homemade "covers" off when I depart in the spring.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I made covers for the lights when the RV was stored for months in a lot before I went full time. Now I know the protecterant works I’ll just keep caring for the headlamps with it.