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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Trash Dumpster Finds


People leave out items for others who may have a use for.  A TV was setting out this day.  Just what I need.  A shame it won’t fit on the bike.  I hope you know I am not serious.  I haven’t watched television in five years.  What an improvement on my well-being that has been.

Before they switched to these large trash containers two years ago, there were the smaller dumpsters the trucks would lift up and dump into the back.  On high wind days all types of debris would be blown all over the desert.  So the large containers are an improvement.  But they prevent people like me digging in finding perfectly good items that people throw away.  That’s okay.  I’m trying to get rid of things, not add to them.  What I took a photo of here inside the dumpster is the framework for a pop-up shade tent.  Every year I find these thrown away.  Usually it because a good wind toppled the thing over bending it all out of shape, no longer usable.  They cost between a hundred and two hundred dollars.

On a previous dumpster run someone left two cans of Amy’s Lentil Vegetable soup there.  Amy’s is good soup.  I love the Tomato Bisque.  I took the cans back home.  Later on a cold day I had one.  It was okay but bland.  It needed a lot of seasoning.  Very filling too and I had to toss the last bit.  I decided to return the other can.  While at the dumpster a lady walked up with her bag of trash.  “Want a can of soup?”  She looked at it.  “Oh, that’s a good brand.  Okay.  Thank you.”  I hope she enjoyed  more than I did.

This has been this way for a couple months now.  I wonder how someone could smash into this to do so much damage.  If the trash guy did this I would think the entire fencing would be laid over, not a perfect single strike point.  With these containers the truck backs up and wrenches the entire container up onto the back of the truck much like tow trucks dragging the entire wrecked car up onto the back frame of the tow truck. The dumpster sits a few feet lower than the dirt in the foreground.  This is a ramp built so one can drive up and toss trash in at head level instead of up and over from ground level.  The cement wall for the ramp of dirt you can see at the lower right.

I know you are in there.


Debby said...

It seems as if the damage would have had to be done by the garbage truck. I can't imagine how that would have happened if the dumpster had been in place.

I am always amazed at what gets thrown away. Here I set things I don't need on the curb with a free sign. We have a local helping hands site which I can post on. Almost always the things are gone within minutes. It costs me nothing but a minute of my time.

Barbara Rogers said...

I've not looked for Amy's soups, but I do get her frozen dinners (usually Indian) which cost quite a bit here. They usually are very high in sodium, so I'm surprised to see that soup was light sodium. I'd probably like it, even if light in taste too. Strange fence bending!

Vicki said...

I don't think I've ever seen Amy's soups where I live, but I love soup so I'll make a point of looking for it next time. One of the men we hired to build our house out in the country ran into our fence gate and it looked just like that. People need to be more careful! I'm wondering what Bean see's in there.