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Sunday, January 9, 2022



Sunday late morning I pushed myself to go grocery shop.  No sense in putting off any longer something that had to be done eventually.  I rode Gracie into the face of a cold breeze to town.  When I returned home I discovered Mr. and Mrs. Generator had left while I was away!  I could not believe our good fortune.  The evening before while reading I could hear loud music coming from their way.  I was contemplating a criminal act, possibly a felony.

I am always amazed as to how much I can carry on the little bike.  I am careful to not buy more than I can pack.  I thought this time I may have exceeded the limit but I made it.  The green canvas backpack I picked up at the flea market years ago.  The guy wanted five dollars for it.  I couldn’t pass that up although I already had a smaller backpack.  This one has proved to be wonderful for packing in purchases while out on the Honda 90.  It has White Mt. R.D. Inyo N.F. stenciled onto it.  White Mountain is where the bristlecone pine forest is in the eastern Sierra mountains of California.  I suspect it belonged the Forest Service although I don’t know what R. D. could mean.

The black and blue nylon bag is a compression stuff sack for backpacking.  I picked it up from eBay back when I had these dreams and desires to do long distance backpacking.  Well that never happened.  I thought my investment was a waste.  Now in this lifestyle and having the trail bike the bag has proved to be very useful for this very reason, packing the groceries home.

The camo bag on the side is where I store the stuff sack, bungi cords, water bottle and a few tools.

Let’s go home Beans.


Barbara Rogers said...

She's so cute! And swift! Good looking stuff for your larder, and good packing. I've got 3-4 stuff sacks which are my primary grocery bags...Aldi's doesn't provide bags, and I'm kind of environmentally conscious and want less plastic out there.

John W. Wall said...

Ranger District

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I considered that but thought N.F. covered Rangers as a whole and so why ‘district’?

Vicki said...

I have to admit that I am a bag lady! I have collected bags for years, from theme parks, stores, NYC, and anywhere else that sells them. They have to be sturdy though. Never know when I want to pack a bunch of stuff in them for day trips, the beach, etc.

Beans sure can take off can't she? So cute!

Shammickite said...

The back of my car has numerous reuseable shopping bags, and I have 2 backpacks for hiking, 1 big, 1 little. And I just bought a teeny weeny shoulder bag purse that will only hold my phone and my credit card, for when I don't want to carry a large bag. (Cost me $1.25 at the thrift store).

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I am happy to see your comment. I thought I had lost you and in these questionable times that could mean any number of circumstances. Glad you are well.

Debby said...


Miraculous about the generator people, isn't it?