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Friday, February 11, 2022

Tuesday Thrift Store

With food shopping done we hit up two thrift stores that were now open since it was a Tuesday.
Salvation Army first.

No books of interest for me.

And I don’t need clothes or anything else.
I’m trying to get rid of things anyway.

A short walk down the road past the senior center is a small thrift shop I know about.

Good, no one here.

Well that’s why.  I am five minutes too late.
They closed at noon.

I walked back to the Salvation Army parking lot.  They were still working on it.  The little old lady parked next to us had locked her keys in her car.  She had grabbed the set of keys to her storage locker when she got out of car thinking she had her car keys instead.  They were still in the ignition.  She asked me if I had a flashlight but I didn’t have one powerful enough to look through the windshield.  I guess she just wanted to see her keys in the ignition.  The flashlight wouldn’t help her situation none.  This guy had a thin piece of metal he was trying to slip down past the window and release the locking mechanism.  I don’t think he would succeed at that.  She needed a professional car thief.  

She was just a little thing, maybe not even five feet tall.  For sure weighed less than a hundred pounds.  I’d guess her to be in late 70’s or maybe in her 80’s, that or she just had a hard life.  Very wrinkled face and long grey hair tied back.  She was a sharp dresser with the tight black jeans, white dress shirt, leather vest that laced in the back and suede boots.


Debby said...

Now you just listen here, mister! Yesterday you talked about your fortunate purchase of a burrito. I came back here expecting to hear the rest of that story. I read the whole post waiting to find out how your frozen burrito helped your damsel in distress! You owe us a tale, and I am not talking about the one on Bean's behind.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, what Debby said. Shame on you, John! Burrito story. And if you get around to it, however the lady got into her car. You obviously enjoyed watching her (from head to toe)!

Vicki said...


Vicki said...

I'd like to know how she got in her car too!