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Saturday, March 26, 2022

The Emerald House

 Ozona, Texas

We went to their little County Fair Park for a lunch break.

I didn’t plan on featuring this house on the blog but Beans insisted.  She loved it.

So here it thanks to Beans.

Sheesh, we had to make two laps around the house.
She had to sniff and smell everything...twice.

We could not go inside.
Picture taken though a broken window. 

I told her the boogie man lived in there under the house but she didn’t care.
She wanted to go in.

Another broken window photo.  Up high this time.  Best I could do.
I think it was the kitchen.

As many times this house has been moved I am surprised it hadn’t fallen apart.

Aw gee, come on Beans!
I had a difficult time tearing her away from the Emerald House.


Out To Pasture said...

Must have been a lovely old house in it's heyday. I wonder if that piano is still playable. Perhaps by the boogeyman.

Barbara Rogers said...

Beans didn't need to read the plaque to know this house had a history. It surely had one or maybe a dozen. I love how these towns were named close to L. Frank Baum's stories of Oz.

Vicki said...

Tell Beans that I love old buildings too!

Debby said...

You must always listen to Beans.