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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Across the Panhandle

 After twelve days at Rita Blanca National Grasslands we reluctantly left.  

In not too many miles we crossed over into...

The wind was picking up speed but was at our backside pushing us along.
I tried to get a picture of the dust blowing across the highway.
No luck.
Somewhere along this road four pronghorn came galloping in from the left.  I slowed down and watched them cross right about where that first telephone pole is away from me.  Without missing a beat all four ducked down under a single strand of electrified wire strung along at the right where the vegetation begins.  The wire was all but invisible yet they could see it while running full on.

Victims of the Dustbowl 

An old Chevrolet six-cylinder used to power the water well pump.

And just like that we were in Kansas
The Oklahoma panhandle is only thirty-four miles wide.

Yesterday I had a short post about needing help with my inability to leave a reply comment on my own blog due to some change Google made.  I think I figured out what the problem is and now just need to find a way to work around it.  I removed the post.  
Sorry D about that causing a brief coronary attack for you.


Billy Blue Eyes said...

Well for some reason I cannot comment on my blog or yours if I use Firefox so I have been using Microsoft edge which seems to work OK. The dustbowl looks a desolate place though I recon the engine could be restored.

Barbara Rogers said...

Wish we could have seen those antelopes too! But driving does require your attention. I wondered about that blog-post that disappeared! Glad all is working again!

Toc said...

Really enjoyed the photos of what used to be.

Debby said...

Those pictures are kind of haunting aren't they? I always feel a little sad about abandoned houses. Those wall held lives, happy times, sad times, holidays, years. And now they are abandoned to the winds.