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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Happy Adoption Day Beans!


Five years ago yesterday I adopted Beans.  

The best thing ever for both of us.

After Gene left I got involved with cleaning my tea pot and a few other pots and pans.
So we got a late start and by then the winds were up again hitting us broadside from the west.

Twenty-two miles of this later we arrived in Littlefield and it was lunchtime.  On the edge of town I saw a Subway sandwich shop in the truck stop.  That sounds good.  

No one was there.  Good.  I think I may have been the first customer of the day.  The girl said something to me about it’ll be just a moment but I couldn’t understand the rest of what she said because of the mask she was wearing.  Off to the side the young kid was counting the money in the till.  She started on my sandwich.  At the register the kid looking perplexed said to her “I’m $15 dollars short.”  The girl used her iPhone calculator to figure out the cost of my sandwich.  Not saying anything to me she proceeded to count the money herself logging in the amounts on an inventory sheet.  I stood there watching the show.  The girl pulled out the till.  Nothing was found and she slipped it back in.  The kid thought some more.  He pulled out the till himself and squatted down to look in.  “There’s something back in there.”  The girl held the till while he reached way back in and pulled out a fifty and a one dollar bill.  “Hmm...now you are $36 dollars over” I said.  They both looked at me puzzled.  “Better being over than under” I added.  The girl thanked me for being patient while working through this and gave me a discount on my sandwich.
Everyone came out a winner.


Barbara Rogers said...

Happy anniversary to you and Beans!

Vicki said...

Happy Adoption Day to you and Beans!

I used to be the office cashier at a grocery store. If one of my cashiers were over or under, it was not good at all.

I love Subway, but I like Jersey Mikes better, and Firehouse Subs is the best. Have you ever eaten at either one of those?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

I don’t think I have heard of nor seen either of those two places before. I’ll be on the lookout now that I am aware of them.

Debby said...

Happy gotcha day to both of you!