A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Beans’ Toe Beans


Beans.  You received a comment about your pretty paw patches.

Oh really?

Here, let me display them for my fans.

Here you can see how my toe beans match the fur color for each toe.
My back paws are all black and so too my toe beans back there.

Today we will probably leave Oberlin and move on into Nebraska.  We really don’t want to leave but the call for the road is strong and we must answer it.  Besides, if we stay any longer the town might start collecting taxes from us.

One morning I saw a bird messing around at the dark spot at the base of the tree next to us.

Notice the old spring further on.

Water is seeping up there.  I guess the spring is not totally dry.
Enough remains for the birds to drink.


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks so much for showing me (gasp of embarrassment) your girl's beans. So great to see the spring is still alive.

Debby said...

Beans really is a beautifully marked cat.

legsbluetrain said...

Beans is a nice kitty