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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Beymer Water Recreation Park


Lakin, Kansas

About thirty miles up the highway was our next stop.  I pulled in off the highway and first impression: I was not impressed.  These membership signs we all over the place.  A big sign at the entrance instructed one to go into town, city hall and purchase a membership.  This is what threw me and I wasn’t thinking too clearly from then on.

We continued on in and found what looked like the camp area and none of those signs were here.  
This must be the place.
Well one good thing was that no one else was here.

I parked and then walked over to read all the rules and regulations.  I stuffed an envelope in my pants pocket and walked on down to the restroom/shower facility.  Locked.  Okay, so they want me to pay ten dollars and I don’t even get a shower out of that?  Still not thinking clearly I forgot to take a photo of the awful looking condition of the building.  I wondered if the theme carried on inside the building. 

Geez...you can’t do anything here and they want you to buy a membership to do nothing?

Not that any of the water features looked inviting.

There was a beat-up old trailer (again, forgot a photo - sorry) which was plugged into the only plug-in I saw and had a water hose running to it.  I couldn’t imagine a camp host living in that heap.  I figured maybe someone comes out here for the weekends but during the week no one was here.  I really was considering not paying the ten bucks.  It wasn’t worth it.  But eventually I did.  Later that day a vehicle showed up parked at the heap.  Whether he even bothered to see if this RVer across the way paid or not I’ll never know.  My best guess he never checked the pipe and I could have stayed for nothing.  Oh well, I stayed for nothing at Frazier.  Call it even although I’d rather Frazier have my money than this place.

Days later when creating this post I discovered there was a whole other half of this “park” beyond the crusty old restroom building.  I had no idea.  
The white square at the left edge is the locked restroom.
I’ll just convince myself that all that in the top half that I did not see was no-man’s land litter with 
Membership Required Beyond This Point signs.
That makes me feel better.


Debby said...

My gosh. Camping has gotten pretty complicated, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, are you being affected at all by the tornadoes?

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

There have been no tornados on this half of Kansas and we’d appreciate it if it stayed that way, thank you