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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Doing Stupid Stuff

Colby to Oberlin, Kansas

Look at that neat cloud formation over Beans’ head.

I had a package sent to Oberlin which was supposed to arrive on Monday.  It was Saturday when I got a notice that package had arrived.  It was 10:30.  Oberlin was fifty-three miles away.  Hmm...we could probably make it there before noon.  The game was on.  Nice country highway, no traffic, no wind.  I drove a bit faster than usual and gained five minutes on our expected time of arrival of 11:50.  I parked out front with fifteen minutes to spare before closing.  We made it!  That was exciting.

I walked inside and everything was dark.  Then I saw the sign.  All the post offices I have picked up mail on a Saturday were open till noon.  How did I miss this when I searched out this post office long ago?

I was still able to get the package anyway.  A long story of a perfect chain of coincidences. 
Thank you Kevin.

There was a State Park just outside of Oberlin but we came across this rest area at the north end of town with a nice big shade tree so we stayed there the first night.  It was peaceful and quiet.

There was a carwash next door and I got the bright idea of how to remedy a problem.  This is a slide out compartment on the outside.  I always have to spray lube the track sliders.  The bright idea was if I power wash all the desert dirt and sand out from the roller bearings that should really make it slide in and out easier.

I pulled up to the left bay and see the hanging yellow bar next door reading ‘Clearance 10’.  I check my figures inside up by the visor - Height 10’ 9”.  But that measurement was when I had the air conditioner up there.  It’s gone.  I think I can make it.  I must have got out a half a dozen times checking that I wouldn’t hit. I was able to get in half way which was good enough to clean out those sliders.
When done I backed out be safe.

It was only then when I was backing out I saw this off to the side!!!
How did I miss seeing that outside wash for big trucks?

It is a wonder that I do all that I do without some serious consequences.
Yes, that compartment slides real slick now.


Barbara Rogers said...

Sometimes the little things just seem so satisfying in our lives. Glad you got your package through some means or another!

Debby said...

That line about doing all you do without serious consequences made me laugh out loud. I know it could sure apply to me!

Debby said...

Ps, those clouds are called msmmatus

Debby said...


Cinn said...

After planning routes to land at post offices for mail on Mondays—and then finding them closed for holidays that I was blissfully unaware of—I now plug those postal holidays into my calendar each year, so as not to have to stay over an extra night in some towns...