A Traveler and his Cat exploring America.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Dried Springs and Pointy Stickers


Nearby is what appears to have been a spring-fed water source.

The spring has dried up, the pipes have been cut out and it nows serves as a cat lookout station.

Also there is what appears at one time a circular bicycle race track,
hard packed with banked turns.

I like signs that advise you that you are responsible for your own clumsiness or stupidity.

This is the only bad thing about Sappa Park...stickers.
They get in cat paws too.
Beans is pretty good about letting me get them out but boy,
is she ever vocal about it!


Barbara Rogers said...

Poor Beans...spurs are no fun for cats...they can try getting them off but then they get stuck in their little mouths. I remember my long hair girl getting out of the house in FL, where sand spurs were all over the yard. She wasn't very thrilled at all. Her mom had short hair, was a tortie, and was feral. But I guess she just knew to stay away from certain spots along the beaches. She also had short legs...for some reason! She didn't mind me offering food and a sheltered porch where she had her kittens. But she wouldn't come in the house...well, she tried jumping through the window which was closed. Anyway, I did get her spayed after the kits were a bit older.

Vicki said...

I bet Beans makes a great lookout! It's terrible to step on those spurs, but for me it's worse when an animal steps on them :(

Debby said...

That lookout station came in handy. Beans looks like she's keeping a close eye on something.