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Thursday, May 5, 2022

End of the Road Left Me With Questions


This is our second day trying to keep warm.  I did dig out my heater from storage where I packed it away when we left the desert.  The predicted two days of rain only amounted to two days of mist. Tomorrow there will be a twenty-five degree rise in temperature and I will once again be a happy camper.

On down the end of the road (this was done when we first arrived and the conditions were habitable) is the information board.

This was the most interesting notice to me.  Surprisingly the entire area is litter free despite the fact there are no trash cans.  Oh yes, there are the occasional plastic bottle and beer can here and there in the grasses but they look to have been there for a long time.

In case any of you are interested in reading all the rules and regulations regarding Kansas hunting.

There is the one lonely long-drop at the end of the road.

Why I feature it is because this is the very first time I have ever come across a long-drop where the clean out hatch did not have a lock on it.
So you just know I would take a look didn’t you?
Okay, this left me with questions.
Don’t read further below if you’re easily grossed out.

It is deep.  Maybe ten feet?  Hard to say because of all the ‘stuff’ in there.  You fall in, you don’t climb out.  Although there are signs posted to not throw in bottles and cans, idiots do so anyway.  How do they get the trash out?  They must have extra extra long grabber tongs.  I really would like to watch the truck that comes by and sucks everything out from these pits.  Half of what is in there was a pyramid directly beneath the toilet seat, not something that looked to be possible to suck up in a hose; more like scooped up and out with a bucket like on a backhoe.  I’m still wondering.

I took pictures but I’ll spare you the curious images.  

Well my, my. There are YouTube videos out there that answered all my questions.
I should have known.


Vicki said...

Wow! I'd 100% stay clear of that contraption! First time I've ever wanted to tell you "Thanks for not sharing the photos!".

Debby said...

Lol at Vicki. But I agree!