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Monday, May 9, 2022

Fast Women?


As I was writing up the previous post I thought more about that batting practice facility.  I hadn’t really looked at it that closely so I walked back over there.

The doors to go in were open.  I picked one.  
Girls Fast...fast girls, whatever, that sounds good.  

This is the ball return and pick-up.  
You can see by all the dirt and debris that it has been awhile since this was last used.

One of the reasons I went back was because I wrote it was coin operated and wondered what it cost.  Only now did I see “no money required”.  I walked on down to the end of the line.  I pushed the ‘start’ and the damn thing started up!  I pushed the ‘stop’ button.  It didn’t stop.  “Oh geez!”  Maybe it is on a timer.  I pushed start on the next one over.  Yep, it started.  I pushed stop and it stopped.  I went back to the first one and pushed ‘stop’ harder and more franticly.  It finally stopped.  
Quit messing with things John.

I’m not interested in baseball.  I joined little league once.  I warmed the bench, collected splinters and occasionally got stuck out in right field where I watched butterflies in the grass.

But this thing was free and working.  I’d be down here swinging at baseballs all the time.  I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t used by the local kids.

Oh, and I didn’t meet any fast girls.  
There was slow girls also, but they weren’t around either.  Fast and slow boys don’t interest me.  And there was a ‘underhand’.  I didn’t even want to think what that was about.


Barbara Rogers said...

Too bad no kids were playing...nor had been interested in a while. I wonder why. The balls were dirty. That's got to be it.

Debby said...

'Quit messing with things!' I give me that advice all the time. I rarely listen. It is that darned curious streak.

RedPat said...

The kids are all home playing on-line?