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Friday, May 27, 2022

Holiday Weekend Hunker Down


This weekend is Memorial Day weekend-three or four days long depending how you treat it.  Back when I was working I looked forward to these weekends more so than Christmas.  There is Memorial Day at the end of  May, Independence Day in July, Labor Day the beginning of September and to a degree Columbus Day in October.  There are other holidays here in the States but these are foremost in their time of the year.  Now retired and living a new chapter in my life I fear holiday weekends.

Early on I got caught unaware a few times of a holiday weekend approaching.  The swarm of merrymakers descended upon us caused all types of mayhem to our peace and quiet.  I have since programmed by devices to send a warning of an upcoming holiday weekend a week in advance.

A week ago I began to worry.  Where should we go to be safe?  We had been at Sappa Park for a week already and I felt that it itself just might be the place to sit it out.  After getting the propane and waiting for the rain to stop returned to the park.  Our spot was waiting for us.  After getting settled I went for a walk to the end of the road a half a mile away.  It was then I discovered the rest of the park, a typical city park with six campsites with power.  The mystery was solved.  Four campers have since passed by to go camp there for Memorial Day weekend.  We still have our section all to ourselves and a pheasant.

- comment response -

I wrote that I that I had never seen a shared desk before.  Well that was in regards to a museum.  I didn’t trust my memory enough to go back into ancient times.  T commented that she remembered having them elementary school.  That was all I needed to shake the dust from the archives.  Yes, I do remember them in first and second grade.  We then moved and in third grade they had separate desks thank goodness.


Debby said...

I haven't had time to comment, but I've really been enjoying your trip to the museum.

I don't remember ever sharing a desk. I started school in a city, but we moved to a very rural area when I was 7. We had the old desks with the inkwells and slanted tops, but no shared desks. But thinking about it reminded me of the old days, when the teachers all seemed to play piano and we all sang together. Spelling bees. Green shades that flapped in the breeze from big windows thrown wide open on hot days. The long halls, each of them with a door at the end.

It makes me sad that children today will never know these things.

Barbara Rogers said...

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend...in the way of your choosing. I only remember those wood topped slanting desks in a museum-like schoolroom in Williamsburg VA, where I saw all the older student's carvings of their initials. I wondered if some Jeffersons or Washingtons had carved their initials while listening to some grammar lessons.

Terra said...

It looks like your spot is very peaceful and rural, and I hope your Memorial Day 3 days stays quiet. I like quiet times too. I aim to stay home the 3 days except for venturing out to church tomorrow, my town is very touristy so can get busy.