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Saturday, May 21, 2022

“Is This the End of RV Life?”


There is a YouTuber I follow who's latest video was "Is this the end of RV life?"  I don't watch her videos.    But I did watch this one just to see what she was going on about, thinking she was quitting life on the road for we both have been at this for the same length of time.  Her video title is what is known as ‘click-bait’; getting you to click on it and view her video.  It worked on me.  Did you think that seeing her title to my post?

She was going on about how changes in the weather was making it more difficult for full time RVers such as herself and yours truly.  She went on about national forests (where most nomads go for the better part of the year) being closed due to critical wildfire danger from extremely dry conditions saying that people cause fires (actually most of the wildfires are caused by lightening). Then she went on about water scarcity due to the draught, lakes and streams drying up and how she had been denied water at state parks unless you were a registered camper at the park.  And then there was of course the rise in gas and fuel prices, the high cost of RV parks, and so on.  Her point being was that RVers may not be able to go and stay at all the places they used to anymore.  “What will the future be for RV life?”  Doom and gloom.  

One has to realize they cannot change things that are beyond their control, but one can adapt to changes taking place.  It all depends on what your expectations are.  We're doing fine this year just keeping to the Great Plains states, staying longer in one place and traveling less.  We go and stay where others would have no interest.  Kansas is a good example.  Who’d want to go to Kansas?  Well here we are a month on.  We stay in city parks (present city park a week now), vacant land, rest areas, abandoned parking lots and the like.  Its not glamorous.  Not many would be happy with that.  We are fine with it.  

She is addressing fellow full time RV people and those who are thinking about this lifestyle.  That is who subscribes to her channel.  She has 136,000 subscribers.  She earns money by people viewing her videos. Most of those followers think this life is doing what they always used to take vacations for.  It is not.  It is a way of life.  

This is not the end.  It is though what you make of it.  


Barbara Rogers said...

Another doomsday predictor, so sad. Either focus on a glass half full, or just avoid whatever's happening. We made it (mostly) through the pandemic. I still shop wearing a mask, and get looks from people! Finding comfort without high cost, without the extra benefits, is always possible. Plus you have adventures. That's what's most important, at least to this reader of your blog!

Debby said...

I have always found it interesting that so often when people say, "It's over. The end. Finished," it can usually be translated to something else: "I'm not adapting. I will not change."

I don't know one long lasting thing in this life that has not required me to change and grow to get through it. We have to adapt ourselves as the circumstances require it.

My visual is a weed. They thrive nearly everywhere, no matter what. As a more complicated organism, I think we are fully capable of the same.

Cinn said...

I was recently surprised to learn that nearly 85% of wildfires are human caused! See: https://www.nps.gov/articles/wildfire-causes-and-evaluation.htm

Karen said...

Clickbait is alive and well everywhere these days. Many years ago a high-school class-mate told me he stopped listening to the tv....I believe this was around 2008. At the time I was incredulous because the banking crisis and the housing crisis was fascinating me, but now, I'm finally onboard with him. So much fear and anger just to sell us more pharmaceuticals. I watch some travel vloggers, but not many anymore. If they use clickbait, I'm gone. I did invest in ridding YouTube of ads trying to eliminate the mind-control a bit, plus I now can enjoy music streaming on my stereo....enjoying new music I never knew was recorded. Well worth that $12 a month.

Just got back from a trip to Maine. We stayed in a cabin with no WiFi or antenna, and we missed nothing...Nothing. I downloaded a few movies to my I-pad, but we only watched one. Instead, I read 3 books during our stay, listened to a live band practicing next door, and played with our kitties and cards my "old man" (am I dating myself?). Oh it was a delightful trip.

Take care John. Thanks for your insights. You and Beans rock.