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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Museum Out Buildings

 Oberlin, Kansas

Museum Tour Continued

By now I needed to take a break.  I went back to the front desk and Deb who was running the place had gone outside to unlock all the out-buildings for the weather had improved - no rain coming.  I had a bite to eat and Beans was anxious wanting out. So that had to be dealt with before continuing the tour.

There were about a dozen buildings outside, all having been relocated to their present home.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church was built in 1888.

This is the doctor’s office with two rooms filled with all types of instruments of torture guaranteed to instill the fear of voluntarily going to the doctor for any reason.

The train depot was built in 1885.  This was behind the counter where in most museums one could not walk around in.  To the left was the waiting area staged with old luggage.

Then I walked into Duke’s Grocery.  I was astounded by the collection.  
It rivaled the famous Wall Drug in Wall, South Dakota.  

Most often a collection like this is behind a roped off area or a barricade of wire fencing.
It was all out there for the visitor to get up close and personal with.

The Addleman Country School, built in 1922.  Eight grades were in this classroom.

This was very well staged with the period textbooks on each desk, many on The History of Kansas.
Deb told me when the local school kids visit they have them sit at the desks to get a feel for how it would be attending school nearly a hundred years ago.

I never have seen a shared desk before that I can recall.

I wondered if I would see something on the scale of Don Hall’s pencil collection that was in the museum back in Oakley.  Well I wasn’t disappointed.  Here it was - Elmer Ufford’ egg collection.
I didn’t stand there thinking why? This time it was more like wow!

I wished I had looked at it more closely.

On my way out I saw this.  I’ve seen these in western movies but never one in real life.  It reminded me of the scene in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Tuco (Eli Wallach) is taking a bubble bath in one of these.  The bad guy breaks in to his room and Tuco shoots him with the gun he had hidden beneath all the soap bubbles.

Back at the front counter I complimented to Deb about this museum being one of the best of all the small town museums I have visited.  I remarked about everything just being out there, not behind barriers or roped off.  She said they have never lost anything although she did say they get only about 25 to 30 visitors a month.  People don’t know what they are missing out on with the Decatur County Museum.

Oh, and Deb said there was nothing inside the casket.


Barbara Rogers said...

Sounds like time well spent. Lots of old groceries would be interesting to look at closer. So glad you stopped, and took pics to share. Thanks!

John W. Wall said...

I would put a fake skeleton in the casket. I was surprised the egg collection didn't include a passenger pigeon. I guess it might have, but it wasn't remarked on.

Jackie M said...

Great little museums. Thanks for being the Ambassador of Out of the Way Places.

Vicki said...

I love museums that have old items. St. Petersburg, Florida has some that I enjoy visiting every time I go there.

Toc said...

Guess I'm old but I remember several years in elementary school of having a shared desk! Made duck and cover very cozy.

Anonymous said...

Love the museums

Upriverdavid said...

I visited a small museum in Waterville, Wa. The lady asked me if I wanted to see something special? Well being me I said sure!
She led me into a room full of rocks and meteors. She turned off the lights and turned on a black light and many of them glowed. WOW! Glad I stopped.