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Monday, May 30, 2022

No More Sappa State Park

It is now Sappa City Park.

We were delayed a day in our departure due to bad weather - high winds.

Let’s take a walk down the road by our camp.

Off to the left is what used to be a wetland.
Now turkey and pheasant live there and get hunted in September.

A half mile later we reach the campground.  There are ten sites here, all with electricity but no water.  
Odd they have the one site where we are but hey, that’s fine by us.  Where there is a power pole that is a numbered site although one could camp anywhere they wanted if not wanting the electricity. 

Here is the prime spot to have in summer. 
Shade all day long.

And here are the restrooms I looked for when the sign on our pole said to leave your ten dollar donation at the restrooms if you plug in and use electricity.

Children’s playground which appeared little used.
Cement slab in front for volleyball? 

The State Park facilities that now is boarded up although there was a sign that said to contact the city if you wished to use any part of it for a meeting or social function.  
It looked as if it hadn’t used in a long time.

The end at the left opened up into this large fireplace gathering area.
I can imagine back in the day rangers having talks and sing-a-longs for the campers.

A passage way through the middle.  No telling what this may have been used as.
Maybe a kitchen or food serving venue.

On the back side of the building were stone benches to sit and take in the view of what at one time was a shallow lake.  The dam is off to the right barely visible.

This little guy recently popped up.  Still has dirt on his hat.

There are hiking trails and a disc golf course here also.  
It just seems no one ever uses any of it.
I think over the holiday weekend there were four maybe five campers.


Barbara Rogers said...

I guess all the holiday campers went elsewhere...perhaps that is too boring for families. Just right for a man and cat!

Jackie M said...

You find the neatest places.
Sad that is out of fashion, but a good place for you and Beans.

Vicki said...

What a nice place! It seems it would get a lot more traffic.

Debby said...

It is eerie...like a ghost town...a ghost park?