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Monday, May 23, 2022

Propane, Rain and Expectations


We were unable to get propane Monday morning at the Co-op.  We will have to meet the truck there Tuesday morning and have the tank filled directly from the truck.

And Tuesday is to be filled with rain.  Ugh!

Leaving the Co-op we parked at the museum next door.
I was expecting the usual.  Boy, was I ever wrong on my expectation.
I’ll work on putting a post or two together while trapped inside all day due to rain.

Noice the ‘No Pets’ sign.  This reminded me of a stop we made in Kinsley, Kansas.  It was over a hundred degrees.  I had stopped to photograph the sign noting the exact midpoint between San Francisco and New York.  They had a small museum.  I stepped inside.  It was so cool and comfortable in there with the air conditioner running and they had a lot of cool stuff to see also.  I told the lady I would have to come back someday.  “I can’t leave my cat out there in this heat” I told her.  “Well bring her in” she said.  Oh I could imagine how that would go.  Beans would be into everything moving along at cat-speed.  We’d never get through it all and we had miles to go to get out of the heatwave. 

Here is one item that caught my eye in this museum.
I could use one of these.
I just don’t know how to fit a cat in it though.

After touring the museum...twice, I was ready for lunch.  I planned on testing Chester’s Fried Chicken Sandwich.  I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn’t bad.  Not up there with Popeye’s but still just fine and it filled the void.  I was given a side dish so chose the mashed potatoes with gravy.  “Where’s the gravy?”

And a correction to the ‘the end of RV life’ post.
I had it in my mind that more wildfires are started by lightening than people,
when it was actually more land is burned from lightening-caused fires than human-caused fires.

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Debby said...

Beans wants you to know that she cleans herself perfectly fine. No Bean cleaner needed!