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Thursday, May 12, 2022

The First Homesteaders


On our way out from Lake Scott Park we passed by the sandstone home of Herbert and Eliza Steele the first homesteaders to this part of western Kansas in 1888.

The Steeles discovered pueblo ruins on their land and deeded two acres to the Kansas Society of the DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution, so it could be enjoyed by the public. 

But lets see about the real first homesteaders.

Notice it can be spelled with C or Q.  
It doesn’t seem to be one way or the other is correct.

Any of you who have been with me for a number of years know I am not all a big fan for reconstructions of ruins but in this case there would be absolutely nothing to see except a mound of rubble.
I approve of this reconstruction.

I have put in all these information boards for those of you who are like me and reads everything.

A view from the other end.

This here type of reconstruction would have been unapproved by me if it were done on the actual site.
Doing so elsewhere would be okay by me.
In this case all we have is an artist’s concept.

Comment Response

Thank you ‘K’ for the tip on using OxiClean on my whites. I had forgotten about that stuff.  I will get some if I can find a small amount.  Also, I don’t have room for a five-gallon bucket or other hand-operated washing contraption ‘E’, besides...that sounds like too much work to me.  Thanks anyway.  


Sandi said...

Interesting picture of the past.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for sharing this...I never knew any Pueblo peoples came as far north and east as Kansas. Of course many people went all over, but leaving the stone foundation made for accessible ruins. And maybe below them can be found more evidence of early habitation. A very interesting post!