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Monday, May 2, 2022

Urban Camping


Garden City, Kansas

As you may have noticed we are not driving as much mostly just going to the next town on the map.  This is an effort to keep fuel costs down.  The next town this time was Garden City to the east where there was a Walmart Neighborhood Market, the smaller version of their Supercenters.  We spent the remainder of the day there but as there is no overnight parking allowed we then moved across town to the big Walmart Supercenter where it was permitted to park for the night.

Beans was excited.  Walmart!  I want out.
She shows no interest in the last few parks we stayed at but Walmart, she wants out to explore.
Weird cat.

I saw that we were to be in for several days of nasty weather.  High winds of course and then rain. 
 I decided we’d just stay put in town.  Take some days off from driving.
The next day we spent at one of the many nice city parks in Garden City.


Debby said...

Not sure whether my comment took or was lost, so at the risk of repeating myself...Beans knows that in the Walmart, there is a section that caters to cats, and she wanted to go shopping, Dad! Sometimes a girl needs her retail therapy.

Have you ever been in a storm bad enough that it worried you?

Jackie M said...

Looks like the area of Kansas you are in has a grid-like arraignment of roads with a town at the intersection of each. That could keep you entertained for a while.