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Friday, May 6, 2022

Walking the Bottom of the Lake

A nice day.  Let’s go exploring.

 Down by the earthen dam a closer look inside the outtake.

I thought I might find some fish skeletons in the lowest part, the last remaining pool of water.
Nope.  Probably taken away scavengers.
In fact the only bones I came across the entire walk was a deer leg. 

There were thousands of fresh water snail shells all about.

One unbleached shell, smaller than a dime.

Two white tail deer and a rabbit were the only animals seen.

The rabbit photo didn’t come out so here’s a squirrel instead.

There are several of these manmade jetties for fisherman access and shelter for fish.

Sad that this place will never again be what it once was, at least in our life times.


Debby said...

That squirrel looks as if he's got his eyes on a nut, for sure!

When did the lake dry up? Why? So many questions~

Barbara Rogers said...

Very strange...whatever it's source of water apparently has been diverted to somewhere else. No water, nobody can live there either. At least the deer have found some grazing. Incidentally, the "Notify me" box has disappeared and it now has a box labeled "Email follow-up comments to (with my email address!)"

Debby said...

While googling answers to questions, (what did we ever do without the internet), I learned a new word: eutrophication. Blogs are quite educational. I imagine the run off was due to all the beef operations? I didn't find anything specific, but you've really passed through some beef country.