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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Will We Stay or Will We Go?


Oberlin, Kansas (pop. 1644)

A nice little town.

We have been bouncing back and forth between the city/state park (I have learned that the city has taken over the state park portion and is in the process of redoing it all so that is why we couldn’t access it) and...

the rest area nearby at the north end of town.

We’re running low on propane and it seems there is just one place in town, the Coop that has propane.
So if we’re successful Monday on getting filled up I guess we’ll stay here a bit longer.
Both places are nice and quiet to stay at and no one ever comes by, so why leave?
If the propane doesn’t happen then we’ll have to move on north into Nebraska.

I know now why Beans likes this culvert at the rest area besides it being a culvert.
I saw a young feral tabby move on down into it.  Must be good kitty smells for Beans.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Glad to see you're in nice parks! Give Beans some petting for me, I do miss having kitties.