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Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Much Needed Mood Improver

 We left the wanton destruction of the Fort Thompson Recreational Area, myself in a general funk and Beans so upset she puked up her breakfast.  Our next stop would be the town of Miller (pop.1500) sixty miles away.  They had city park camping.  I wasn’t expecting much. I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

Crystal Park.

My oh my, what a pleasant surprise.  Just what we needed after twenty-four hours of being immersed in what we had just left behind a couple hours earlier.

That’s me, always skating on the thin ice of modern life (Jethro Tull).

The usual playground equipment all shiny and new looking.
Yes, they did have a nausea inducing spinner-go-round.

Everything looked new and well-cared for, unlike what we had just left behind.
Not one bit of graffiti.
I thought I spotted some litter.  Upon closer examination it proved to be a leaf.

These bricks were saved from the old city hall by the girl scouts to make this fire ring.

Best horseshoe pit yet to be found in our travels.
Never used.  The paint on the stake hadn’t even been chipped by a ringer.

Volleyball court too looked like new and unused.

Cool a tornado safe room.

I remember seeing my first one years ago.  I think it was in Minnesota.  I was fascinated by it.

I am still fascinated by them.  
Of course I wondered what it would be like to be inside when a tornado roared through.

A shower!  Okay, I am a happy traveler once again.
Let me tell you this was the best shower I have ever used on the road as far as I can recall.

The camp area was nice with hookups too all on a donation plan.
I left a donation and complemented them on their nice park and lovely shower. 

- comments reply -

I agree the same sort of vandalism and destruction exists in many other places we have been in regardless of the racial make up.  Usually though it is most prevalent in large metropolitan areas which we avoid if at all possible.  This instance just caught me unexpectedly considering Fort Thompson has only a population of around 1300 with 96% representing one ethnic group.  Yet, I stand by my observations about most reservation land.  Sorry, but I cannot help but see what I see considering we are passing through what would otherwise be termed as “wilderness”, not urbanized land.



Toc said...

The Hubs did a Silk Road tour a few years back. He said there was litter everywhere--there was no cultural disapproval for just tossing your trash. I can remember "back in the day" when people just threw their trash from their vehicles. Wasn't there a massive PR campaign to get folks to stop littering? I'm glad you reported what you saw. Progress comes slowly.

Vicki said...

Sorry Beans got sick and glad you left that place. This park looks very nice, I'd stay there.

I agree with you. It depends on the area as to who does most of the vandalism, I guess I should have worded my comment differently. My comment was about the places that I'm familiar with.