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Sunday, June 19, 2022

A Whole Different Culture

Bassett, Nebraska

In a much better frame of mind the next morning I walked over 
to take in the Agriculture and Livestock Expo. 

This gives an idea as to where we were and the fairgrounds to the left.

 Now I admit I know next to nothing about any of this lifestyle but I’ll do my best here.

Free admission.
We’re off to a good start.

There were a couple of buildings with vendors displaying their products
for planting crops and feeding cows.

I really didn’t know much about what I was looking at so I just breezed on through.

Outside interested me more.
This looked like a carnival ride that they had yet to be set up.

Tractors.  Now this I know.  
I had some John Deere toy metal farm equipment like this when I was little.
Bet it would be worth a lot today.

I can see a farmer cooing over a tractor like this.

Geez!  I always wondered.  

Okay, these are cow stairs.

These are cow squeezers.

These are cow movers.

Looks to be playhouses for the kids.
Optional stand in case you want a tree house but have no trees.

Portable kiddie swimming pools.
Yep, they would be worth their weight in gold in the hot summer.

As I mentioned, a whole different culture.


Now here is something I have some knowledge about, RV living.

This is nice inside.
The lounging area and looking forward to the big bedroom.

Turning around to look to the rear you have the kitchen on the left, dining area across from that and the bath to the rear.

Yep, even has a shower.

And that door leads out to...

...the stables.  How cool is that!

That’s about it.  I will say there were a lot of cute cowgirls walking about.
What is it about a woman dressed in western garb with boots and a hat that makes them so eye-catching?

- comment reply -

This is primarily for Jackie in case she did not see my reply to her comment on yesterday’s post.

“Jackie, well you set this new day off for me.  I am just sitting here shaking my head at my stupidity.  I have my prescriptions.  I have ordered online before.  I have the name of the company saved.  They have my information.  It just never crossed my mind at all to order through them.  Geez Louise, I amaze myself sometimes.”


JackieM said...

Read it!
I recall you mentioning about the heat. People forget how it can make you fuzzy headed sometimes...happens.

Barbara R. said...

That's a huge RV with your horses included! Mmm, I wonder if when they move about they don't make a bit of noise in the night. Well, if you sleep that far away from them, I guess it would be ok. Glad you got your prescription thing working. Heat does things is right!

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