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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

An Unhappy Workplace


Aberdeen, South Dakota (pop. 28,495 - third most in the state)

This town was along our way which was nice has it had a Walmart for a big resupply and place to stay.

Driving through town it was lunch time and I wheeled into an Arby’s for something different.

I gave my order to Mariah and she asked if I wanted anything else.  
“Just if you give old people discounts” I said.  
“Only on drinks” she replied.  “Besides, you’re not that old.”
“Okay then. How old do you think I am?”
She studied me for a moment and said a number.
“Why thank you. You made my day.  Add eleven to that.”
“Well I was close” she said.
Girl, when you’re my age eleven years isn’t close.  It is a gift.
What a sweet girl.

But as you can see Mariah doesn’t look too happy.  None of the employees (looked to be around ten at least) in there did.  I stood back and observed while waiting for my sandwich.  There was a lot of tension going on behind the counter.  You could just see and feel it.

French dip sandwich.  
Very good.

We spent the night at Walmart and did the big shop in the morning.  I decided to just stay a second day in Aberdeen.  No need to rush off.  A day’s rest is always nice.
After putting groceries away we went across the highway to a home supply, Menards, to see about getting something to put into the back window to let the air in while keeping a cat inside when open.  
No luck.
By now it was lunchtime.  I went back to Arby’s.  Now Heather was at the window slumped over.  Heather looked bad, as if in pain.  I saw her favor a foot as she stepped back from the register.  I asked.
“My leg is swollen.  I should go to the hospital.  But she don’t care.”
Who’s she I asked.
With a nod of her head she said “The manager.  She doesn’t care.”
I told her she should go.  Her wellbeing was more important.  We were kind of whispering back and forth so I said no more not wanting to get Heather into trouble.  

I got a Rueben this time.  Oh my goodness!  Delicious.

I thought about Heather while eating.  Working in a toxic place like that with so much hostility isn’t worth it.  Yes, I observed some more while waiting for my Rueben.  You could just tell everyone working there was not a happy person.  Two sat down at a table for a break.  A guy and girl.  Neither smiling.  Neither talking.  They just looked as if they were sitting there silently conspiring.
Heather should just tell her manager “I’m going to the hospital.  Bye.”  If she gets fired, so be it.  It would probably be for the best anyway.  And it’s not like Heather couldn’t get a job elsewhere.
Every fast food place along the boulevard had ‘Now Hiring’ on their sign boards.


Debby said...

That a sad truth of minimum wage jobs. They treat you like crap because you can be replaced.

Vicki said...

A lot of fast food places are like that nowadays. I hope she finally said "Take this job and shove it" and went to the doctor. It could be something very serious.