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Friday, June 17, 2022

Burrell Park Campground


We stayed in the shade for as long as needed for the camp area was shadeless.

Notice the payment box above the sign.

This is what I meant by a heavy-duty welded steel box to drop camp payments into.
The one like we saw in Taylor I doubt we will ever see the likes of again.

There were six spots along the river.
Notice our neighbor at the other end.

He rolled in a hour after we has got settled.
Now if you think his rig is a bit much...

...consider he was dragging his truck along hooked up behind the trailer.

It was just him, in the white ball cap.

Above the truck you can see the low dam and water gates I mentioned earlier.

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Barbara R. said...

Does look like it would be hot if the sun were out! Glad there are trees elsewhere anyway!