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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Heading North


We left Bassett, Nebraska for our next state, South Dakota.  I was in a better state of mind and $116 poorer but now we had a full tank of fuel.

Not far down the road we pulled into a rest area so Beans could stretch her legs.

I took a quick picture of the sign and would read it later.  I had an impatient cat pulling hard on the cord.

What a lovely shady area.
It looked as if the tables had not been used in years.
The paint was heat blistered, pealing and scaley.

I was dragged over to these buildings.  
The restrooms were locked.

Inside this one was dirt, trash, bat and rodent poop, broken glass and a small bed.
I didn’t take a picture of the filth.  
I just wanted to get Beans out from there.
Had I been able to read that sign (particularly the last paragraph) I would have appreciated inside this building more and understood why the bed.

This brought back pleasant memories.  My grandmother had a “glider” as she called it.  Hers had cushions  on the seat and back.  Of course little Johnny would try to get it going harder than it was designed for.

Wc continued on turning left at Newport (nothing but an abandoned service station/convenience store) heading now for South Dakota. 

At the state borderline was this.
I had to stop.
This must have been a roadside store with attached home in back.

It stood on the north side of the road so must have been a South Dakota resident.

Sadly the wood covering the window had been torn off and the glass broken despite the Private Property, No Trespassing, Keep Out signs.  But it allowed me to look inside.

There looked to be some interesting items in that glass bookcase.
Oh my, how I would have loved to look through those books at the left.

Oh the stories this old building could tell.

On to our next town and campground.

- comment reply -

I zoomed in on the original photo and still cannot make out what is in the baby buggy.  Too dark.  Beans wasn’t with me in the cabin.  She’d be into everything if she was.  

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Vicki said...

The things you can find while traveling if you just stop and look!