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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Look What I Found


I took a walk around the lake, not all that long at less than a mile.

And look what I found in the playground!  I could not believe it.
Yes, I was tempted but I didn’t.

And teeter totters too.  I remember a girl breaking her arm on one of these.
Good for you Nebraska in keeping these classic pieces of dangerous playground equipment.

Next were the restrooms.
I like the sign.

Golly, showers!  Well that’s worth the price of admission.

No button to push either.  Knobs.  Nice to have a steady stream of flowing water.
It just needed to be a tad bit warmer though.

The park had visitors a couple of fishermen and two girls with kayaks floating around among the lily pads.  
On the day we left finally another camper came to stay.

A classic old Winnebago which probably dated back to the early 70’s.
I love seeing old vacation vehicles still on the road.


Jeff Fara said...

The whole place makes it seem like your caught in some sort of Nebraska time warp. 1970's Winnebago, showers with knobs, teeter-totters oh my.

Barbara R. said...

I enjoyed your post, and the comment above! Somehow I get a kick out of the conversations in this blog universe...reading what others' responses are. My thoughts were that that old camper had lots of windows...which is nice when there's no AC.

Vicki said...

Looks like a nice place to stay a while! I loved going camping in my parent's camper in the 60's and 70's.

Debby said...

jeff Fara wins 'comment of the day'! That made me laugh.