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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Noisy Camp

 Edgely, North Dakota  pop. 585

This I guess was classified as their city park camping place.

The park was across the street.  
For such a small town they had quite an elaborate swim center.
I didn’t venture any closer for a photo.  
It would look creepy for an old man taking pictures of little boys and girls in a swim center.

This monstrous grain storage facility was across the street.  It had some sort of ventilation system going on constantly.  It was like being near those huge air conditioning units at Walmart. 
 Imagine the sound of a waterfall.
I guess the residents get used to it.
There was another one but smaller behind us, behind the trees shading us.
So we had stereo white noise sound going on.

Despite the noise from the big blowers I still fell asleep for a nap after having a cup of tea when we arrived.  An hour later I was woken by the rumbling sound of distant thunder.  Must be a severe storm coming our way.  Kind of groggy for having napped too long I got up and discovered the sound was from this locomotive nearby.  Sitting there idling it almost shook the ground.  This went on for an hour or so then they shut it off.  Oh well.

Five a.m. the next morning I was woken up by the rumbling thunder locomotive again.  Really?  At five in the morning?  I guess they were just working on some sort of repair.  The grain ventilators were still whirring away also.  Okay, that’s enough!  We left before the sun was up.  Drove seven miles to a rest stop.  Parked.  Sipped some coffee and ate half a granola bar, laid down and fell asleep for two hours until a cat decided to walk all over me.  
Get up Dad. I’m hungry.

This little guy lived where we were parked at Noisy Camp. 
Oddly Beans shows no interest in rabbits.  If they bound away she just looks. 

- comment reply -

The L. Frank Baum living in Aberdeen came from Wikipedia.  It said “notable people” whatever that means.  Said he was a resident in the 1880’s.  It is the same with Laura Ingalls Wilder, the Little House on the Prairie author.  There’s a dozen places that lay claim to her just because she stayed there for a short time.  Also I know I could have got the book from online used book sellers but having it shipped to where I don’t know where I will be and just when is a problem.  Stay tuned for an update on the quest.


Barbara R. said...

That's an alarm clock that would make me jump!

Anonymous said...

No offense intended