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Friday, June 24, 2022

Oacoma Flatts


Oacoma, South Dakota

We crossed back over the Missouri River from Chamberlin to Oacoma for some free camping.

It was hot so we stayed in the shade of the trees by their city park in the distance before moving over to the dispersed camping area.  I got to watch the guy cut that grass with his John Deere tractor and grass cutting machine he pulled behind it.  Very entertaining.

I also watched a woman cut her lawn, which was all that lighter green beyond the dark band of green.  She was using a gas lawn mower pushing it up the slope to her house then dragging it back down to the dark green band of grass.  She was at it for three hours, back and forth, back and forth.  The woman had to be in her sixties at least from what I saw of her when I walked by on my morning walk.
Most people have riding lawn mowers but not her.   She wants the workout.  Bless her heart.

There is a rock embankment along the river shoreline much to Bean’s delight.

We had a nice little spot to back into.

Severe thunderstorm warnings began to come in repeatedly that first late afternoon.

Watching the sunset.

Then they started in with the possible tornado warnings along with all the other nasty stuff associated with severe thunderstorms.  So what did I do?
I took a bath in the Missouri River watching the show in the sky.
One of those never-to-be-forgotten moments in my life.


Barbara R. said...

What a prime spot you got next to the river! What a show of weather too. Isn't there something about not being wet in a lightening storm?

Robin said...

Gorgeous spot you had! The last photo of the clouds is beautiful.

Debby said...

Those sky pictures look like magnificent paintings.