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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Taylor’s Villagers

 Taylor, Nebraska

There are over 120 of these plywood figures in and around Taylor.

Many of these depictions are of life in Taylor between 1880 and 1920.

A select few were taken from historical photographs of real people at the time.
Kevin Brown, school teacher.

Grandma Delpha who began a restaurant in 1957.
Her granddaughter owns and operates it today.

The milk boy.
I remember a milk man coming to our home.
How about you?

Ralph and Hank at the service station.

Exchanging valentines.  
Do remember doing this in school?

Travelers arriving at the Pavillon Hotel.

Farmers discussing the weather.

The early pioneers to this area.

Girls picking flowers at the museum.

Kids wishing for candy.
It is the Cream & Sugar coffee shop now,

...part of Marah’s Gift Gallery and Tea Room.

The checkers players.

Alice Tracey born and raised in Loup County.
She loved her chickens who numbered over 200.
This one is near us and Beans wasn’t to sure about Alice at first honestly believing she was real.

Clarence the lamp lighter an occupation that faded away in the 1920’s.

Kids playing hide and seek.
Remember playing that?

Nothing states who the artist is that except he/she is local.

- more to come -


Barbara R. said...

What a very nice tradition for that small town...and they look like photo enlargements...but probably were painted. Whatever medium they now are, I would guess it's weatherproof.

John W. Wall said...

Someone's handy with a saw. In your pictures it's hard/impossible to tell if they are 3D.

Jackie M said...

I wonder if they are intentionally made to look like ghosts.

Toc said...

Those are great!
When we lived on the desert the milkman would bring the milk before 5am. Since it got hot so early he would come in the backdoor(unlocked, of course) and put the milk in the fridge. Hard to believe those days ever existed.

Vicki said...

I love them!