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Sunday, June 19, 2022

The WPA Cabin

 Bassett, Nebraska

I discovered this on the fairgrounds while touring the Farm and Ranch Expo

WPA is the Work Progress Administration created by President Roosevelt in 1935.  It created jobs for 8.5 million people during the bleakest years of the depression.  It is best known for many of the public works projects.  I could say more in comparison to today’s programs but I try to keep politics out from the blog.

The lighting inside was poor with contrasting bright sunlight streaming in through the windows.

I took a close-up of the fireplace but it came out blurred.  Sorry.
Gotta hold the camera real steady in light like this.

I like that quilt as it has no design or pattern, pure randomness.

Every time I make a sewing repair I think of pioneer women and their sewing supplies.  They had to be precious to them as they just couldn’t run down to the store to buy thread, material and sewing needles.

On top of that, think how important eyeglasses were to them if they were far-sighted. 

This was a pump organ.
I couldn’t imagine pumping your feet and playing the keyboard at the same time.
What a workout that must have been.

Now the little squeeze box on the table, I could play that.

This was the best item in the cabin.  It has always been my dream to find the remains of a gun during one of my walkabouts in the desert.  Just how did it wind up in a creek?  The only thing I could think of was a flood that wiped out a homesteader’s cabin and all of his possessions were washed away covered in mud.

The ceiling timbers.
You will recall my houses in Taylor, well this would be the house I’d want.
Just half the size will do.


Barbara R. said...

A nice summer cabin...not for cold winters, thank you! Love seeing the things people had to live with a child, or just fixing a meal! Sorry not to see more implements at fireplace. The pretty dresser reminded me this had been in the 30s, while my parents were courting probably. This has so much of pioneer life, but then a bit more modern too. Yes to patch work quilts!

Debby said...

Fascinating! My grandson goes to school in a building that looks like a brick castle. It was built by the WPA as well. Seems like a far better use of our tax dollars, rather than just waiting for that money to be deposited in random accounts.

The picture of the wicker baby carriage? Okay. It looks like Beans has settled himself into it. What IS that?