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Monday, June 13, 2022

Touring More of Taylor

 Taylor, Nebraska

The Farmers Filling Station was run from 1926 - 1945.  It was acquired by the Taylor Area Builders in 2003 and renovated as the Visitor Information Center.

It is left open 24 hours a day.

Imagine that with these collectables sitting inside.

Can you remember leaving your house unlocked when away to go to the store?

The butterfly garden.

A view of the center park/plaza from the filling station to give you an idea of location.
That is the intersection of the two highways, the only pavement in town.

Nothing more than a woman carrying a tray.

Woman churning butter.  She appears to be black.
This is a food distribution center with not many hours (or days) of being open.
This brings to mind that there is no grocery store in town.  I suspect the residents travel thirteen miles east to Burwell to grocery shop.

Men with feed wagon.
This is painted directly onto the metal siding.

The engagement couple.

Mable Hyde, a single cattle rancher born and raised in the land she loved.
She trained and rode horses in the Loup County parade until she was 94.

Katelynn and her baby buggy.

Ice delivery man.
Okay, I am not so old to have seen one.  You?

- comment replies -

They are not 3D but all done on flat one inch thick plywood.  All are hand painted.
Amazingly not one was vandalized in any way.  That only could be possible in a small town.


Barbara R. said...

Very nice figures all around! They were built to last. How great that nobody graffitied any of them.

John W. Wall said...

Looks so nice I almost want to live there. Or maybe nearby Broken Bow (very affordable housing!).

Karen said...

I remember the ice man coming to my grandparents camp where we stayed every summer. Great fun chasing them down the road.

Toc said...

I love these! Thank you for posting them!